In Concert 2005

Recorded Live at The Opera House, Toronto, Canada (October 27th, 2005)
 on Jul 30, 13
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Recording Engineer & Mixed by: Ian Terry

Produced: David Clayton-Thomas & Jim West

Project Coordinator: Jadro Subic


David Clayton-Thomas: Vocals

Bruce Cassidy: Musical Director, trumpet & EVI

Doug Riley: Keyboards

Bernie LaBarge: Electric Guitar

George Koller: Bass

Waleed Abdulhamid: Percussion

Paul DeLong: Drums

Vernon Dorge: Alto/Baritone Sax, Flute

Doug Gibson: Tuba, Bass, Trombone

Jason Logue: Trumpet

Track Listing

  1. And When I die (4:41) (Laura Nyro) (EMI Blackwood)

  2. Self-Centered Woman (8:49) (David Clayton-Thomas, Bruce Cassidy) (Clayton-Thomas Music Pub)

  3. Go Down Gamblin’ (3:35) (David Clayton-Thomas) (EMI Blackwood)

  4. Me And Amaretto (4:57) (David Clayton-Thomas) (Clayton-Thomas Music Pub)

  5. Lucretia MacEvil (7:45) (David Clayton-Thomas) (EMI Blackwood)

  6. Wild Women & Po’ Boys (5:23) (David Clayton-Thomas) (Clayton-Thomas Music Pub)

  7. God Bless The Child (8:04) (A. Herzog/B. Holiday) (Edward B. Marks Music)

  8. Gimme That Wine (6:15) (Jon Hendricks) (Bug Music)

  9. Don’t Explain (5:49) (A. Herzog/B. Holiday) (Universal Music Publ.)

  10. Spinning Wheel (3:32) (David Clayton-Thomas) (EMI Blackwood)

  11. (You’ve Made Me) So Very Happy (7:44) (Brenda Davis/Berry Gordy Jr./Patrice Holloway/Frank Wilson) (EMI Music Publ.)

  12. You’re The One (6:35) (William Smith/David Clayton-Thomas) (Lady Casey Music)

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