Aurora 2005

...[David] went into Inception Recording Studios in Toronto in the summer and fall of '04. The result was AURORA released the next spring to critical acclaim. Five decades shaping pop music showed he hadn't lost a step. on Jul 30, 13
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Produced by Doug Riley & David Clayton-Thomas

Mastered by Chad Irschick & Michael Hass

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Inception Sound Studios, Toronto, Canada (May & October, 2004)

Executive Producers: Virgil Scott & Jim West

Line Up

David Clayton-Thomas: Vocals

Doug Riley: el. Piano/B3

Robert Piltch: Guitar

Jake Langley: Guitar

George Koller: Bass

Terry Clarke: Drums

Neil Donnell & Joel Feeney: Background Vocals

Track Listing

  1. Mercy Lord Above (4:34) (David Clayton-Thomas) (Clayton-Thomas Music)

  2. Don’t Explain (4:47) (A. Herzog/B. Holiday) (Universal Duchess Music)

  3. Parchman Farm (4:56) (Mose Alison) (Audre Mae Music)

  4. This Bitter Earth (3:46) (Clyde Lovern Otis) (Clyde Lovern Otis Music Grp.)

  5. Gimme That Wine (4:51) (Jon Hendricks) (Hendricks Music)

  6. A Visit From The Blues (4:10) (David Clayton-Thomas) (Clayton-Thomas Music Pub)

  7. Moonlight In Vermont (3:26) (J.M. Blackburn/K. Suessdorf) (Johnny R. Music/Michael Goldsen Inc.)

  8. Wild Women & Po’ Boys (5:05) (David Clayton-Thomas) (Clayton-Thomas Music Pub)

  9. River (4:23) (Joni Mitchell) (Sony ATV)
  10. Lucky Old Son (4:23) (Haven Gillespie/Beasley Smith) (EMI Music/Robbins Catalog)
  11. Lazy Bones (4:53) (Hoagy Carmichael/J. Mercer) (Warner Chappell Music)
  12. Night Be Kind (5:19) (Jack Williams) (Doc Owsley Music)

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