Spectrum 2009

Recorded at Humber College Recording Studios

Mixed at Metalworks Recording Studios

Assistant - Humber College: Rosanne Howell

Assistant - Metalworks: Lake Curry

Cover Painting: Lara Kirschner
on Jul 30, 13
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Produced By David Clayton-Thomas and Bruce Cassidy

Arranger-Bruce Cassidy

Recording & Mixing Engineer-Ian Terry

Pro Tools Operator-Chris Crerar

Line Up

David Clayton-Thomas: Vocals
Drums: Paul DeLong, Mark Kelso, Davide Direnzo

Bass: George Koller, Rich Brown

Guitars: Aidan Mason, Bernie LaBarge, Rob Piltch

Keyboards: Rob Gusevs, Dave Restivo

Trumpets: Bruce Cassidy, Jason Logue, Kevin Turcotte

Saxophones: Michael Stuart, Colleen Allen

Trombones: Gord Myers, William Carn

Percussion: Waleed Abdulhamid

Vocals: Dione Taylor, Sharon Lee William

Track Listing

  1. I Still Really Love You

  2. Angel

  3. Stormy Weather

  4. A Love Beyond

  5. Hail Mary
  6. Ashleigh’s Song

  7. Oh Angelina

  8. The High Road

  9. Try To Imagine

  10. Your Mind Is On Vacation

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