BS&T 4 1971

BS&T 4 is the fourth album by the band Blood, Sweat & Tears, released in 1971. It peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Pop albums chart. on Jul 30, 13
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Produced by Don Heckman, Bobby Colomby, and Roy Halee

Engineered by Roy Halee

Line Up

David Clayton-Thomas: Vocals, Guitar (Go Down Gamblin’)

Bobby Colomby: Drums, Percussion
im Fielder: Bass, Guitar (Redemption)

Steve Katz: Guitars, Harmonica, Mandolin (Lead Vocal on Valentine’s Day)

Fred Lipsius: Sax, Piano, Organ, Clarinet

Lew Soloff: Trumpet, Fleugelhorn, Piccolo, Trumpet

Chuck Winfield: Trumpet, Fleugelhorn

Dave Bargeron: Trombone, Tuba, Bass, Trombone, Baritone Horn, Acoustic Bass (“For My Lady,” and “Valentine’s Day”)

Track Listing

  1. Go Down Gamblin’ (4:17)

  2. Cowboys and Indians (3:10)

  3. John the Baptist (3:38)

  4. Redemption (5:14)

  5. Lisa Listen To Me (3:03)

  6. A Look To My Heart (0:54)

  7. High On A Mountain (3:16)

  8. Valentine’s Day (3:59)

  9. Take Me In Your Arms (3:30)
  10. For My Lady (3:25)

  11. Mama Gets High (4:12)

  12. A Look To My Heart – Duet (2:09)

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