BS&T 3

Blood, Sweat & Tears 3 was highly anticipated and it rose quickly to the top of the US album chart. It also yielded two hit singles: a cover of Carole King's "Hi-De-Ho," and "Lucretia MacEvil." on Jul 30, 13
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Produced by James William Guercio

Engineered by Roy Halee and Fred Lipsius, and Al Kooper

Line Up

David Clayton-Thomas: Vocals

Bobby Colomby: Drums, Percussion

Jim Fielder: Bass

Dick Halligan: Keyboards, Flute, Trombone

Jerry Hyman: Trombone

Steve Katz: Guitars, Vocals

Fred Lipsius: Sax, Piano

Lew Soloff: Trumpet, Fleugelhorn

Chuck Winfield: Trumpet, Fleugelhorn

Track Listing

  1. Hi De Ho (4:25)

  2. The Battle (2:43)

  3. Lucretia MacEvil (3:03)
  4. Lucretia’s Reprise (2:35)

  5. Fire and Rain (4:02)

  6. Lonsome Suzie (4:35)

  7. Symphony for the Devil/Sympathy for the Devil (7:49)
  8. He’s A Runner (4:15)

  9. Somethin’ Comin’ On (4:33)

  10. 40,000 Headmen (4:40)

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