Brand New Day 1977

This was the band's tenth studio album and their first and only release for ABC Records. Brand New Day was produced by Roy Halee and former BS&T drummer Bobby Colomby. on Jul 30, 13
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Produced by Roy Halee

Produced by Bobby Colomby

Arranged by Tony Klatka

Engineered by Roy Halee

Line Up

David Clayton-Thomas: Lead Vocals

Dave Bargeron: Trombone, Bass Trombone

Larry Willis: Keyboards

Tony Klatka: Trumpet Fluegelhorn

Bill Tilman: Alto, Tenor, Bari-Sax, and Flute

Mike Stern: Guitars

Danny Trifan: Bass

Roy McCurdy: Drums

Bobby Colomby: Percussion, Vocals

Chaka Kahn: Vocals on “Dreaming as One”

Willie Smith: Vocals, Organ

Paul Shure: Strings

Pete Jolly: Mussette

Tommy Morgan: Harmonica

Misc. Musicians: Paul Stallworth, King Errison, Bob Payine, Peter Graves, Stu Blumberg, Tom Peterson, Ernie Watts, John Rosenberg, Mike Altshul, John Gross, Ray Reed, Glen Garrett, John Mitchell, Nenetta Fields, Brenda Bryant, Mike Finnigan, Carl Graves, Tish Smith.

Track Listing

  1. Somebody I Trusted

  2. Dreaming As One

  3. Same Old Blues

  4. Lady Put Out The Light
  5. Womanizer
6. Blue Street

  6. Gime That Wine
8. Rock and Roll Queen

  7. Don’t Explain

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