A Blues for the New World

Forget all your preconceived notions about the blues. This album redefines the art form. The songs are all original compositions using the the time honoured three chord blues changes, but there all similarity to the traditional blues ends.

The title tune best describes the concept for the entire album. The idea was to keep the music grounded and earthy with the songs rooted solidly in the blues but using modern themes, jazz influenced horn charts and a state of the art recording studio to carry the blues into the 21st century. The music shifts effortlessly from R&B to reggae, from big band jazz to be-bop, all with a funky undercurrent of the down-home blues. Every track is a surprise… From a joyous vocal performance with the mighty 30 piece “Faith Chorale” to a delightful doo-wop collaboration with the acapella quartet “Cadence”.

The lyrics are catchy, inventive… sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and sometimes so intensely personal that it hurts. Lyrics that speak with the simple honesty of the traditional blues but tell stories about the world we live in today. The loss of personal privacy in the internet age, politicians caught in the glare of the media, a tribute to the courage of New Yorkers on 911 and the writer’s hope for the future through the beauty of music.

David’s concert band forms the core of the album. Old friends… Paul Delong on drums, the genius of George Koller on bass, the always soulful Rob Gusevs on keyboards, and of course… the best damn horn section in the business. These guys have been with David for years and instinctively understood where he was going with these tunes… they were instrumental in developing the songs from the first rough demos to the fully realized tracks on this album. Juno Award winning arranger Phil Dwyer’s contributions were enormous. His charts brought David’s home demos to life… they are brilliant. The recording was beautifully engineered by John “Beetle” Bailey at The Drive Shed in Toronto and is released by Universal Music Canada.

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