David Clayton-Thomas & the Shays 1964

Before he was the voice of BS&T, David Clayton-Thomas had a successful singing and recording career in Canada with groups such as the Bossmen and his band the Shays. BS&T was only a fraction of his long resume. on Jul 30, 13
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Line Up

David Clayton-Thomas: Vocals
Fred Keeler: Guitar
Scott Richards: Bass
John Weatherall: Drums
Gord Fleming: Keyboards

Chart History: Released in 1969 (Decca DL-75141)

Track Listing

  1. I got A Woman (4:35) (Ray Charles)
  2. Say Boss Man (3:05) (Earl McDaniels)
  3. Who’s Been Talkin’ (2:33) (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  4. Call It Stormy Monday (4:53) (Aaron T. Walker)
  5. Done Somebody Wrong (2:30) (D. Clayton-Thomas)
  6. Tobacco Road (5:07) (John Loudermilk)
  7. Boom Boom (2:35) (John Lee Hooker)
  8. Good Lovin’ (2:10) (L. Kirkland/Danny Taylor-Jesemet)
  9. Poison Ivy (2:10) (Lieber and Stoller)
  10. Howlin’ For My Darling (2:32) (Willie Dixon/Chester Burnett)


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