• The songs were written by David Clayton-Thomas in collaboration with four musicians:
  • George Koller – Bassist & co-producer; multiple national jazz award winner. George’s inventive bass playing is the bedrock of the album.
  • Eric St-Laurent – Explosive Montreal Guitarist; his playing has the dexterity of Di Meola and the raw power of Hendrix.
  • Larnell Lewis – Grammy Award Winning Drummer; funky, original, a powerful musical presence.
  • Lou Pomanti – Superb Keyboard Player and Arranger; Lou toured the world with BS&T in the ’80’s. He is uniquely tuned into David’s musical style.
  • It is an innovative recording, pushing the boundaries of convention. Edgy and progressive but still earthy with deep jazz roots. This album is full of surprises and songs that will stick in your head forever.
  • MOBIUS is a daring musical statement – beautifully produced and skillfully performed by a team of fiercely creative musicians. It raises the bar on contemporary music.

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